Increasing Therapy Clinic Conversions by 86%

Increasing conversions, where prospects book consultations and appointments, by 86%

(1) overview

Providence Therapy & Neurofeedback needed a system for prospects to make faster buying decisions while maintaining its reputation as a top-tier clinic in downtown Vancouver.

The obstacle was to help prospects find multiple potential counsellors who might resonate with them, while offering the specialized services and expertise they needed. Providence needed to easily communicate to prospects that they have counsellors with specific training and specialization while conveying their warm, non-clinical atmosphere effectively.

Through rebranding, web design with a strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content strategy, and social media feed design, they successfully attracted more clients seeking their specialized services. This resulted in a significant increase in inquiries over a 5-month period, elevating long-term brand awareness, and shortening the sales cycle for prospects to inquire.


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(2) process

(2) process

Navigating the selection of a therapist can be daunting. Whether individuals are experienced seekers of therapy or newcomers to the concept, skepticism and uncertainty often cloud their decision-making process.

In many cases, prospective clients may have previously explored other therapy clinics in search of the perfect fit, or they may be embarking on their very first therapeutic journey.

The field of therapy is diverse, with many therapy modalities available. For prospects, browsing for the right therapist can feel daunting.
As a result, many individuals become overwhelmed when attempting to make an informed choice.

This overwhelm can often drive prospects away from a website, increasing the likelihood that they seek assistance elsewhere.

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(2) process

(2) process

To address these challenges, Muse For Media undertook a comprehensive approach to elevate Providence Therapy and Neurofeedback's online presence.

The first step involved rebranding, which included refining brand messaging, storytelling, and brand guidelines for consistency.

This process focused on highlighting the clinic's high-caliber services while ensuring that the warm and non-clinical aspects of the brand were prominently featured.

(2) process

(2) process

Providence Therapy needed a way to showcase their highly trained and specialized team, while enabling prospects to easily browse potential therapists for their needs without feeling overwhelmed by the decision-making process.

We aimed to shorten the decision-making process for potential leads to book an initial consultation, leading to more appointments.

Our goal was to accelerate the sales cycle for viewers to make a decision, all while complementing their new elevated rebrand.

(4) solution

(4) solution

To address these challenges, Muse For Media, undertook a comprehensive approach to elevate Providence Therapy and Neurofeedback's online presence.The first step involved developing a complete rebrand, including brand guidelines, messaging, and storytelling.

This process focused on highlighting the clinic's high-calibre services while ensuring that the warm and non-clinical aspect of the brand was prominently featured.

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(4) solution

(4) solution

The second step was a new website build. Paired with a strategy, the new website aimed to create an intuitive and visually appealing experience, with the intention of reducing the time it took for online leads to decide to book a consultation.

We addressed this by creating a dual filtration system on the team page. Filtering potential search terms prospects might use when looking for a therapist. This shortened the decision-making process, making it easier for prospects to browse potential therapists for their needs in less time.

The content strategy included creating video content showcasing the clinic's facilities and staff, as well as psycho-educational blog and Instagram posts for added value. A branding video was also produced for the website, providing an immersive experience for visitors on the homepage.

Video content provided a dynamic and personal touch. The branding video, in particular, became a powerful tool for conveying the clinic's guiding principles to potential clients visiting the website.

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(4) solution

(4) solution

The rebrand, strategic web design, copywriting, SEO optimization, and content strategy collectively enhanced visibility, increased engagement, and strengthened the brand presence in a competitive digital landscape.

Additionally, expert copywriting was used to highlight the clinic's unique approach, while SEO optimization improved online visibility.  Through organic SEO, Providence Therapy now ranks on the first page for various high-traffic keywords, improving their daily organic traffic by 37-65%.

The updated flow of their website, including the new team page and the revised contact page that explains the steps for booking an appointment, led to an 86% average increase in bookings and inquiries from local website visitors over a 5-month period.

Providence Therapy & Neurofeedback can now more easily connect with people looking for their specialized and holistic approach to mental health and emotional well-being. The clinic successfully positioned itself as a top-tier, high-calibre establishment while maintaining a warm and inviting brand image.


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"We have had a great experience with Martine!
She is so professional, knowledgeable, and on top of things! We love the end result of the work she has done for our team!"

Christen McCallum

Owner / Founder of Providence Therapy & Neurofeedback

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